Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Burbank

A kitchen sink garbage disposal is a valuable, timesaving, kitchen sink appliance. Its main purpose is to eliminate food waste, reduce bacteria in your trash cans, and make cleaning up after a meal easier and convenient. Nearly half of the households in Burbank, California are fortunate to have one of these handy appliances. Unfortunately, there is nothing convenient about a disposal when it stops working properly.

This is where we can help. When your disposal won’t turn on or it won’t grind your food properly, call Burbank Super Plumbers. Our team of experienced and skilled, local plumbers have the equipment and the know-how to fix any disposal problem you can imagine. Our contractors can even help you choose a replacement model and provide you with warrantied garbage disposal installation if your current disposal is irreparable.

Avoiding Garbage Disposal Repair

Did you know that the majority of problems our contractors tackle for homeowners could have been avoided? That’s right. Most garbage disposal repairs are necessary because of improper usage or incorrect installation. The most common repairs our contractors make include fixing stuck propeller blades, rewiring units, and flushing out drains clogged by excess amounts of grease, fat, and food particles. All of these problems can be circumvented when homeowners operate their disposals in the manner in which they were intended to be run.

The following are situations you want to avoid:

•             Do not overfill your disposal. Only place small bits of food in the disposal and wait for the appliance to grind everything up before adding more.

•             Do not use chemical drain cleaners to clean the disposal. Running cold water with a little bit of detergent through the disposal will do the job.

•             Always opt for professional garbage disposal installation. This not only ensures your disposal will be wired correctly, but that it will be fully covered under any manufacturer warranty.

•             Pour cooking oil, grease, and fat into a metal or glass container. Do not pour these substances in your garbage disposal or any other kitchen sink drain.

Affordable Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation when You Need It

Sometimes, no matter how diligent you are, you may need repair services. When this happens, we can offer top-rated, high-quality plumbing service in Burbank, CA, to meet your needs. Our repair, replacement, and installation services are available for all styles of disposal and brands, including top brands like General Electric, Waste King, and InSinkerator.

Call us today for a price quote and to schedule an appointment. We are also available for same-day toilet repair or faucet installation.