Call the Most Affordable Emergency Plumber in Burbank

So, you have an impromptu indoor pool forming in your basement? Is your sewage backing up and overflowing into your house? Your dish water has been sitting in your sink all night? From the frantic to the frustrating, if you need plumbing services in Burbank, we are the company for you.

We are Burbank Super Plumbers. Our name isn’t as important as our history and how we run our business, though! Burbank Super Plumbers has been in service for more than 20 years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect our clients and our business. We only hire industry certified professionals who perpetuate our values of honest, reliable, efficient service. And, as a cherry on top, we have some of the best rates in Burbank!

We Handle Everything from Clogged Drains to Pipe Repair

We do more than respond to emergencies! We provide all the services typical of the plumbing services profession. Great or small, limited or extensive, whatever your problem, you can depend on us to solve it!

Because we want to run a clean operation, we give written estimates before we touch the job. That’s our way of letting you know that there won’t be any surprises or ambiguous billing practices in our dealings with you. Not only do we run a clean business, but we also take care of the clean-up before we leave the job. So, when we say we’re a clean operation, it’s really a multifaceted statement!

Protect Yourself from Liability: Have a Camera Inspection Performed on Your Lines!

Are you familiar with a party-line sewer? If your house was built before 1965, your sewer line might be illegally connected to one or more other homes near your property! This is not only against code, but also potentially poses a  risk to your health and safety! If you’re selling your home, the burden of proof falls to as to whether or not your sewer lines are up to code. We can scope out your lines and provide DVD confirmation, and if there are any problems, we are experienced and equipped to solve them!

Call us today to learn more about all of our services including slab leak detection and more!